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Pastor Shilling’s Confirmation Class

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What We Will Be Studying

This year our main focus will be on The Lord’s Prayer, however, we will still cover the majority of the lessons in the Catechism.


What You Can Expect

Class times will last approximately 90 minutes on Wednesday evenings from 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM. 

After each lesson, you will be assigned:
  • one or two worksheets to be completed for the next class period.
  • portions of the Catechism and/or passages to be recited or written at the next class period.
  • a long range project in addition to your normal every day work.  More information will be given when these projects are assigned.
At the start of each new lesson students will need to be prepared for:
  • a 5 - 10 question quiz reviewing what we learned in the previous lesson.
  • writing and/or reciting any memory passages, parts of the Catechism, and/or Books of the Bible.
  • a 1-2 page review quiz given on the first Wednesday of each month.  This is a quiz that reviews all the concepts that we've studied in the past 4 - 5 weeks, but may also contain questions about any concept that we had previously studied.

Pastor's High Expectations

Pastor expects all students to:

  • attend all classes unless sickness or unforeseen circumstances prevent it. 
  • complete all assigned worksheets and recitations demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the lessons you are learning.
  • attend both Sunday school and Worship on a weekly basis.
  • spend 15 minutes each day reviewing memory assignments and what you learned during the past week.
Though Pastor does recognize that each student will have additional responsibilities from school, he urges students to spend at least 15 minuets every night working on catechism assignments.   By taking this time to review the lesson, complete the worksheets and learn the memory assignments, each student will be better prepared for each week's lesson.  Also, each student who does this will see the roots of his or her faith growing deeper in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Pastor's Grading Scale

Students will be graded on a 30 point grading scale where 100 = A+ and 69 = F, for all daily work, quizzes and tests.  While this may not be the scale to which you are most accustomed, as Christians God's Word holds us to a higher standard.  Also, because of the importance of what we are learning Pastor uses a 30 point scale for grading to hold students to a higher standard and to ensure that each student strives for excellence as he or she learns the truths of God's Word that are taught in Confirmation class.

Memory recitations will be graded on a different scale.  Again, because of the standard to which we are held as Christians and because of the importance of us knowing God's Word and keeping it hidden in our hearts so that it is available to us in times of heartache, sorrow, trouble, hardship, joy and gladness, students will need to know their memory recitations well and not be stumbling through them in an effort to simply get it done. 

Memory work is to be memorized at home before class and then reviewed at Church before reciting.  I recommend spending at least 5 minutes each day reviewing your assignments.  At the start of class each student will be called on to recite.  (If a student should arrive early he or she may recite at that time.

Written Work Grade Scale

 100 A+ 83-84 C+
 95-99 A 79-82 C
 93-94 A- 77-78 C-
 91-92 B+ 75-76 D+
 87-90 B72-74
 85-86 B_ 70-71 D-
   below 70

Recited Work Grade Scale

 0 100A+
 90 B
 2 80C
 3 70 D-
to recite
will need